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I've seen your posts on the Enfield, but do you have any information on the Turkish "Enfauser" conversion? Thank you.



The ‘Enfauser' is an interesting little quirk of history, the Turks converted a fairly large number of SMLE to fire the 7.92mm Mauser round, which the Turks used in the rifles given them by their German allies.  These were often called ‘Tüfek İngilizce' or English Rifles by the Turks.  (Interestingly, before the war the Turks had adopted the M1893 & M1903 Mauser rifles in 7.65×53mm.)   The Enfields were captured during the unsuccessful landings at Gallipoli and during the British campaign in Mesopotamia where a large force surrendered a Kut in 1916.

The Turks took the SMLE’s and rechambered and rebarreled them to fire 7.92mm.  They also reshaped the bolt’s guide ribs and altered the charger guide to fit the new ammunition, as well as welding shut the magazine wells with a new floorplate, magazine spring and follower added to create a 5 round integral magazine and altering the rifle’s furniture giving the rifles a hybrid look with an Enfield stock and receiver and a Mauser style forend.  This was a very labour intensive process to retrofit the captured rifles however, it is likely that the Turkish Army did not want to have to rely on captured ammunition sources and did not want a third type of ammunition in circulation to complicate supply further.

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Thanks for the question.